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Sweetgum Siberians

Sweetgum Siberian Huskies

Our Puppy Purchase Information

Please read over this carefully before placing a deposit for one of our puppies, if you do not read this and put a deposit down for one of our puppies and find something you do not like after you have placed a deposit, it is not our fault!! It is yours if you did not read this information!
We offer limited AKC registration to our buyers, full AKC registration is available to approved homes for an extra fee. Limited registration means that you cannot breed or show  and full registration gives you those rights. We only give full registration to approved homes only. We feel everyone who wants to breed should at least own a Siberian husky before making that decision as they may decide it isn't the breed for them. They should also learn about their health problems and health testings before breeding, this is why we only give full registrations to approved homes only. Limited registrations must have their puppy spayed/neutered by 6 to 10 months of age with proof from your vet or any contract will be null and void! Deposits are $200.00 and non-refundable. However, the only time it is refundable is if something happens to the puppy while in our care. We do not guarantee coat or eye color. Deposits are listed as pending until we receive it. Once the deposit is received we will change pending to sold. Deposits must be received within 3 days, if the deposit is not received within the 3 days, the puppy goes back up for sale. Deposits sent by mail must be sent 2-3 day priority mail if sent outside of the state of Georgia. Costs for this is just 6.95, this will guarantee that deposits will be here within 2 to 3 days. We do not accept personal checks! We only accept postal money orders, Walmart2Walmart, or cash. We do not accept any other money orders other than a postal money order! You must go to a post office to purchase this money order! If any other money order is sent it will be returned to you! . No Personal Checks Accepted, No Exceptions! We will not accept wire transfers at time of pick up! Cash only! 

Please Read Purchasing Information!